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The SerchioValley, commonly called Mediavalle, is a district of the province of Lucca and includes the municipalities of Barga, Coreglia Antelminelli, Fabbriche di Vallico, Borgo a Mozzano and Bagni di Lucca.

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Is a mysterious and fascinating corner of authentic Tuscany, between the Apuan Alps and Apennines. It takes its name from the river which traverses its entire length and that with its thousands of torrents are creating deep gorges and karst phenomena. Its seat is the town of Barga,  land of adoption of the poet Giovanni Pascoli and which inspired many of his works. The Valley conserves an intact landscape and conceals small villages of great charm and beauty as Borgo a Mozzano with his Devil's bridge, an 11th century building, particularly for its arcades, which traces the imaginary boundary line between Lucca and the Middle Valley and who legend has it was erected by the devil himself in Exchange for the first soul that had crossed.

Or Bagni di Lucca, where we find a hot thermal springs already known by the Romans. The town, very popular during the Renaissance, had a great development during the 19th century and you became a place of illustrious guests such as Pascoli, Carducci, Montale, Dumas, Byron, Shelley and Puccini.

Known as the city's largest mountain ofItaly, crossed from Lima, the largest tributary of the river Serchio, boasts impressive gorges that make the area attractive to lovers of canoeing, rafting and kayaking.

In short, a territory rich in natural beauties, of Woods, water courses and such phenomena as ' Orrido di Botri ' a harsh and imposing Limestone Gorge with steep walls carved deep into the waters of the Rio Pelago, a veritable natural canyons, navigable in some places and where it says have been of inspiration to Dante for his descriptions of ' Hell ' when he crossed to escape the assassins fiorentini.

The Serchio valley is also renowned for its cuisine, based on typical products: from file to Trout chestnut flour and mushrooms.